Army Enacted A Drama In Keran; Says NC’s Kamal

KL Report


National Conference Legislator Dr Shiekh Mustafa Kamal Thursday said that the concern expressed by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and Defense Ministry over ‘fake Keran intrusion’ has made it clear that Army enacted a drama as there is no evidence on ground which could suggest any intrusion bid by militants.

Kamal told Srinagar based news agency CNS that there is no dearth of hate and war mongers in Army establishment and it is always on their top priority to flare up the situation on Line of Control. “Army should realize that by enacting fake encounters like Keran they are harming their own country as their silly and coward acts will internationalize the issue of Kashmir,” he said.

National Conference Additional General Secretary said that whole country has come to know about the motives and designs of Army as their claim on Keran infilitration has been belied by the Government of India. “Government of India must initiate action against vested interests present in Indian Army. Certain elements are also present in Pakistan Army which do not want peace to prevail between India and Pakistan. Both the Governments of India and Pakistan must make these ‘war and hate mongers’ accountable for the better future of the people of the Subcontinent,” Kamal said.

He told CNS that  if Indian Army intends to prepare a ground for the war and wants to intrude into Pakistan administered Kashmir, then, “I am sorry to say that it would be the biggest blunder on part of India. Any intrusion or attack on Pakistan administered Kashmir would give UN an ample chance to intervene and naturally the K-issue would get internationalized which would prove fatal for India,” Kamal said.

Terming the UN resolutions on Kashmir as optional and not mandatory, Kamal said the solution of the issues lies in Shimla agreement. “Secretary General UN, Ban-Ki-Moon himself has asserted that UN resolutions on Kashmir are not mandatory so it is better for the both countries to settle the issue bilaterally under Shimla agreement,” Kamal said adding that any flare up on Line of Control will never be in the interest of India.


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