Army has Bought Agriculture Land in Kargil: Congress MLA



Kargil Festival 2012 -- Photo: Junaid Nabi Bazaz
Kargil Festival 2012. (KL Image: Junaid Nabi Bazaz)

Congress legislator from Kargil, Asgar Ali Karbalai, Saturday said that army has occupied agriculture land in Kargil district and Zanskar sub-division and don’t pay rent to the land owners.

Karbalai while speaking during discussion on allocation of grants for Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation in Lower House said that the army has “bought agriculture land when no non-state subject can buy land in the state”.

“Army has occupied huge agriculture land in Kargil district and Zanskar sub-division. They have totally purchased the land when non-subject cannot buy the land. I don’t understand how they have bought the land there,” the Congress legislator said.

“The army is neither paying rent nor compensation to the people whose land has been occupied. I request the minister concerned to look into the issue so that the land is freed from the army,” he said. “I also want assessment of compensation and settlement of land.”

Another Congress MLA from Nubra, Deldan Namgyal, said a village in his constituency is being asked by officials that “their land records are in Pakistan”.

“A village in Turtk area known as Tyashki is told that its land records lie in Pakistan. For PRCs, the villagers are asked to get affidavit that they are citizens of India,” he said.

He appealed the government to settle the land records of the village.

The MLA also said that non-availability of SDM in the area forced him to “work as SDM for the last two years”.

“I am myself working as SDM for the last two years,” he said, adding “I request the minister for revenue to resolve the issue.” (KNS)


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