Army Officer Involved In Civilian Killings Denied Bail

SRINAGAR: The Armed Forces Tribunal has denied bail to an Army Captain facing trial by a summary general court martial on charges of murdering three civilians during operations in Kashmir, reported The Tribune.

According to report, the officer, who was granted temporary bail earlier for 15 days on account of his mother’s ailment, had sought interim bail during the pendency of the matter.

The Army had opposed his bail plea, contending that he had been facing serious charges. He is facing six charges and two other co-accused are lodged in Bhaderwah and Pulwama jails, said the report.

The officer’s counsel also pleaded that he might be kept under open arrest and his wife be permitted to meet him on humanitarian grounds.

The Army, however, contended that pending finalisation of the trial, open arrest of the officer would be detrimental to the conduct of the trial.

The Tribunal ruled in is order a few days ago that looking at the peculiar facts and circumstances of the case, it saw no reason to exercise its discretion to grant bail to the officer, reported The Tribune.


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