Army Tour Ruckus: It Isn’t Operation Sadbhawana but Sad Bhawana, Says Er Rasheed



Er Rasheed
Er Rasheed

Expressing deep concern over so called ‘Sadbhawna’ Tours of Kashmiri students, Molvies and Sarpanchs, president Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Er Rasheed has asked army not to indulge in creating psychological divide within Kashmiri society and avoid cosmetic measures to improve its image.

In a statement issued today Er Rasheed reminded designs behind such tours and said that army had itself made its intentions regarding ‘Sadbhawna’ public just few days back, when a top army official revealed that ‘Sadbhawana’ operation helps army in creating sources for various operations.

“Before sending Kashmiri students to cultural and other tours army should explain and let know that, did the three persons of Dardpora Kupwara disappeared in air,” he asked. “Those who want to take credit of operation ‘Sadbhawna’ need to answer with which ‘Bhawana’ (sentiment) common Kashmiris are being harassed and humiliated on daily basis.”

Under which ‘Bhawana’, Rasheed said, army carried out the longest crackdown in Manigah which ended just few days back.

“Let army tell what it achieved except making lives of dozens of villagers miserable from Manigah operation.”

Er Rasheed said it is not operation ‘Sadbhawana’ but ‘Sad Bhawana’ as the bad intentions of taking Kashmiris to tours is just an act to hide army’s misdeeds in the State.

“If army really believes in improving its image among Kashmiris then it must punish those officers the same way Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab were dealt with. Can army give a justification if Afzal Guru could be hanged just for satisfying the so called collective conscience of people of India despite not being directly involved in Parliament attack, why should those bound to be protectors of lives and properties of people involved in Machill fake encounter, be given just life imprisonment.”

Army top brasses, he said, like common masses are not unaware of the fact that army officers butchered and tortured innocents in every nook and corner of Kashmir during last 25 years and as such taking few Kashmiri students or sponsored Molvies will never heal the wounds of the masses.

“It was army who forced thousands of villagers to humiliating and terrible forced labour in Langate for 13 years and is not allowing State Human Rights Commission to proceed in the case, despite the fact that state police has confessed the charges. If army really wants to improve its image, rather diverting attention, through ‘Sadbhawana’, it must compensate and apologise the innocent masses of Langate and elsewhere for the forced labour.”


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