Arrest of Prof Geelani Speaks of Mental Incapacity of Authorities: Malik



JKLF chief Muhammad Yasin Malik Tuesday termed life threat to Hurriyat Patriarch Syed Ali Geelani by underworld Don Rajiv Pujari and arrest of Prof SAR Geelani as acts of intimidation for Kashmiris.

Malik who was arrested after being admitted in Florence hospital yesterday, Malik said, “arresting Prof Abdul Rehman Geelani in Delhi is a glaring example of intolerant mindset of Indian rulers and speaks volumes about the mental incapacity of authorities who are hell bent upon crushing every voice of dissent.”
He said that clamping down voices of dissent by force and slapping charges like sedition on political opponents’ has been an “old policy of oppressive regimes”.

“Prof Geelani has faced charges like these before and was even attacked by assailants in Delhi but came out successful through all those conspiracies and allegations,” he said.

“Prof Geelani is a well-known personality and his ideas and views are also well-known. Hence everyone knows the validity and authenticity of false and concocted charges slapped on him. Yasin Malik said that every Kashmiri stands behind professor Geelani in this hour of need,” Malik added urging international community and civil society to raise their voices for Professor Geelani and JNU students and teachers who are target of chauvinist’s forces and some sections of “biased Indian media”.

Condemning a section of Indian media that is spreading hatred against Kashmiris and have become self styled judges passing orders and comments freely, Malik said, “the biased approach of these media channels shows that these people have sold out their conscience and mind.”

Condemning death threats to octogenarian Geelani, Malik said, “this is a threat to all Kashmiris and we want to tell these goons and people who are actually behind them that Kashmiris who have sacrificed lakhs of person for freedom cannot be intimidated by these absurd threats.”


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