Arrested Kashmiri Leaders Shifted To Mirpur Jail.

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While questioning the Pakistan’s secret agency, ISI for the detention of two citizens of Jammu and Kashmir for crossing over to LOC despite having proper travel document, Dr Shabir Choudhry, one of the founding members of JKLF, said then why Yasin Malik and APHC leaders are allowed to go there and allowed to hold public meetings.

The two leaders from Jammu, Vijay Abrol and Darvinder Singh Behal, who crossed LOC and were arrested on Saturday by Pakistan’s secret agency ISI, have been shifted to Mirpur jail. While as Arif Shaid President JKNLC is still kept in Mangla police station.

Vijay Abrol and Darvinder Singh Behal have been charged by the police for ‘illegally’ entering Pakistani administered Kashmir.

As per a statement, Dr Shabir Choudhry has contacted various leaders and lawyers to fight for these arrestees. One of the leaders, Azeem Dutt, a leader of Kashmir Plebiscite Front has assured him that these leaders are their guests and that they will do everything possible to get them released.

Dutt in his reply has said that there is Azad Kashmir High Court ruling that anyone can cross over from the other side of LOC, and this act will not be deemed as illegal. So the ISI and the authorities are in contempt of court orders.

Statement further reads that Dr Choudhry said that they are in touch with the local leaders and district officers, including the deputy commissioner to seek their release. He also said that people of Mirpur will hold a demonstration against this illegal arrest and detention.

KNP President Ifzal Suleria has told Dr Choudhry that he has also spoken to some lawyers with aim of providing legal help to the arrested guest leaders. He also spoke to Shaukat Maqbool Butt, leader of JKNLC who assured him that every effort will be made to get these leaders released.

“Act of Pakistani security agencies is hypocritical and discriminatory. When Muslims citizens of Jammu and Kashmir crossed the LOC and came to this side without any visa and any documents, they were welcomed with open arms because they were coming to get arms and training to be used against India. Vijay Abrol and Darvinder Singh Behal are non Muslims and they came here with valid travelling documents, and their purpose was to give a message of peace, love and tolerance; and they were arrested because this message contradicts with the policies of Pakistani secret agencies”, reads the statement.


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