Art 35-A hearing: KCSDS asks people to remain cautious, cautions govt


Asking people to remain cautious, Kashmir center for social and development studies (KCSDS) Sunday appealed people to rise against any such move that is designed to rob us of our identity.

File image of KCSDS members

In a statement, spokesman said that KCSDS is greatly intrigued by the sudden listing of 35-A case for hearing by the Supreme Court “when the political masters wrongly think that Kashmiris have forgotten the issue.”

“Before the case could have been listed, the individual applications for pleading the case which are many should have first come up for hearing and only then the case could be listed for hearing the counter arguments,” spokesman saod and added that “people need to remain cautious about conspiracies hatched to take away their exclusive ethnic rights by the dominant fascist state.”

“We caution the govt against any unconstitutional step that could take away our exclusive rights protected by Art 35-A,” said.

Terming the latest ordinance as an attempt to muzzle the voices, spokesman said “bringing in the latest Ordinance in the state to book organisers of protests seems to be linked with the case so that rising voices against this onslaught could be suppressed before they rise.”

“We appeal all the natives of the state to rise against any such move that is designed to rob us of our identity.”



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