Article 370 reduced to a pale shadow: CPI (M)


CPI(M) Regional Committee, Jammu organized a one day convention today at Jammu highlighting the attempts made by those holding power to assault the constitutional provisions of special status under Article 370  of the Constitution of India.  A large number of people participated in the convention.

While addressing the convention, Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami, senior CPI(M) leader and legislator said that at a time when alienation of the people of Kashmir has reached to an unimaginable level, the response of Government of India should have been to understand and address this emerging challenge politically but unfortunately the RSS, core of the present government, is vehemently advocating the measures which instead of overcoming this sense of alienation is bound to further deepen it.  The constitutional provisions under Article 370  guaranteeing autonomy to the state, which has been virtually reduced to a pale shadow of what it was in 1950, is being further desperately targeted day in and day out.  Statements are regularly pouring in from those who are in authority suggesting the abrogation of Article 370 and removing of Article 35(A), the essence of this constitutional provision.  What is the experience?  It sufficiently demonstrates that the more attempts for over-centralization drive leads to more dissatisfaction among the vast sections of the people.

The problem with the Modi government is that it lacks inclusiveness.  Promoting sectional and regional divisions will only encourage disruptive forces.  A serious attempt is being made by those holding power to desperately pursue the agenda which can only result in trifurcation of the state on communal lines.  The rights and interests of the people in all the regions can genuinely be protected only through the unity of people of all the shades in state.  Harmonizing the relationship between the regions and communities should be the focus for all who cherish the values of brotherhood and plurality.  Energies must be focused for preserving this unity and foiling the attempts of those who are mounting attacks on the very foundations of our plural ethos.  Article 370  and 35(A) have provided guarantees for all the permanent citizens of the state to move together for a better future.  Any infringement to this constitutional guarantee in any form is bound to undermine the basic interests of our citizens and will further create discard among the ranks of our people.


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