Assembly adjourned for the second time

KL Report


Speaker legislative assembly Tuesday adjourned the house for the second time when PDP members remained adamant not to take back the amendments about a bill moved by Law and Parliamentary Minister, Mir Saifullah.

The bill was about establishing of Dehi Adalats in the rural area.

When Zulfikaar Ali of PDP, pressed for his amendments, speaker wanted the concerned minister to rise and try to satisfy the member. The PDP members rose up and called it against the procedure.

When the PDP members were making their point, the speaker adjourned the house for ten minutes.

Supporting the PDP members, Harshdev Singh of Panthers party informed the members that according to procedure, speaker surely had to go for the voting on the bill but as the treasury benches were empty by one or the other reasons, the bill was sure to get failed which meant the collapse of the government.

The members continued to discuss the matter even the speaker was out of the house.

The PDP and Panthers members contiguously stressed that “according to the jurisprudence not only the bill but also the government is gone.”


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