Assembly Adjourned: It Is Everybody Versus Coalition



Within three minutes of the house resuming on Monday, Speaker Kavinder Gupta adjourned the house. It was Congress, NC, and Engineer Rashid who disrupted the question hour seeking explanation from the government on the exploitation of the flood victims.

Initially it was Congress’s Saroori who unveiled his poster and that triggered the mess. All the Congress lawmakers were on their legs and part of NC too. Within the minutes, Engineer Rashid and all others joined the ruckus. They entered into the Well of the house.

For at least two minutes, the assembly watch and ward staff tried to contain the situation. By then, Speaker had permitted one of the questions to be taken up. Later at the conclusion of the question when Speaker could feel that the house is getting out of control, he announced the adjournment.

While most of the Congress men and the NC lawmakers were out of the house, part of the NC group were seen shouting slogans in the already adjourned house.

Interestingly, however, Hakim Yasin and M Yousuf Tarigami stayed away from the ruckus.


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