Assembly adopts resolution on GST; Will use article 370 to extend GST to JK, says Drabu



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Jammu and Kashmir Legislative assembly on Wednesday adopted the resolution on GST amidst massive uproar by the opposition members and traders.

Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly on the second day of the four-day special session called on the implementation of GST in the state. KL image/ Bilal Bhadur

The resolution reads: “This House resolves that the government of J&K may give consent to the adoption of the GST regime by application of relevant amendments made to the Constitution of India in a modified manner to safeguard the existing special constitutional position of J&K in the Union of India and legislative powers under the constitution of J&K.

Speaking in the lower house of the legislative assembly during the special session, Finance Minister Dr Haseeb Drabu assured that the government will use Article 370 to extend GSTN to Jammu and Kashmir.  “Section 5 of Jammu and Kashmir constitution and article 370 of the Indian constitution will remain unchanged,” he assured.

Besides, Dr Drabu said that Jammu and Kashmir will retain unbridled powers to tax. Member of Jammu and Kashmir in GSTN will enjoy overriding powers on issues pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir.  “All exemptions, remissions and subsidies across sectors will remain intact,” he said.

Speaking in the upper house of the assembly, Drabu said that the Jammu and Kashmir state will have its own appellant authority.

Earlier, participating in the debate on GST, members put forward their apprehensions on the GST regime.

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir government has called for an emergency cabinet meet to give concurrence to 101st amendment act. The meeting, according to sources, will be held at 6pm in Srinagar. Earlier, assembly passed the resolution for adoption of GST regime amid protests by the opposition.



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