Assembly: GST a conspiracy, Rasheed; Open to discussions, Drabu


Independent Langate lawmaker, engineer Rasheed on Tuesday said that Finance Minister was conspiring against the state of Jammu and Kashmir to eradicate its constitutional position.

While, Speaker of the lower house of the state Kavinder Gupta resumed the proceedings after the house was adjourned due to the media gag, Dr Drabu started his speech on the GST.

Rasheed stood up from his seat and told Drabu that he was conspiring against the state.

“Drabu sb, Kashmir is a disputed territory. We have our own constitution, flag. You are hell-bent to eradicate that,” Rasheed said.

He said that the people had lost faith in the government and that it was ruling the state at the barrel of Gun.

Meanwhile, Drabu kept addressing the chair and continued his speech.

He said that the government will try to array all the apprehensions of all the stakeholders viz-a-viz GST.  GST is currently one of the most powerful legislation of the country, Drabu said, “There are apprehensions all over India and not just in Kashmir. The government is open to discussions under the constitution of India and Jammu and Kashmir.”

Dr Drabu said that government is committed discussions on the GST.


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