Assembly: I can lynch you here, PDP’s Imran to NC’s Rana


National Conference provincial president and Nagrota lawmaker, Devendra Singh Rana while participating in the debate on GST during a special session in the legislative assembly said that Jammu and Kashmir is at the crossroads of history.

“There are attempts being made to attack the idea of Jammu and Kashmir as also the idea of India,” Rana said.

He added: “Jammu and Kashmir is also at crossroads. The idea of India is devoid without the idea of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Devendra Singh Rana

The vibrant NC lawmaker said that politics is taking over this moment, unfortunately.

“This is a time that we keep hand on our conscience and take conscious decision as to what is good and what is bad and what is in the interest of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Rana said: “Let us get out of paradigm of congested political thought and move out about what is good and what is wrong. Let us find a tangible solution, which can save us from this.”

The lawmaker said that a concerted effort is being made by certain forces to make Jammu and Kashmir a theatre. “Let politics of India be played from Delhi. Let us sit together and sort out our issue. Let us not divide ourselves. I may sound philosophical.

I may also sound dangerously moralistic, but this how I believe we can find a solution.”

Interfering, PDP lawmaker and minister, Imran Ansari asked Rana to stop boasting about moral ground.

Imran said that Rana has already obtained the GST for the businesses he owns including Jamkash Vehicleades, and Take one television.

The situation took an ugly turn when Rana said: “Hum tax chor nahi hain (We are not tax evaders).” This apparently enraged Imran and ultimately led to an uproar in the house.

Amid the pandemonium, Imran said: “I can lynch you here, I know your all your shaddy business.”

Meanwhile, while Rana was speaking and he said that he was not being philosophical, Roads and Works minister, Naeem Akhtar made some comments which were not audible in the press gallery.

NC lawmaker, Muhammad Akbar Lone stood up from his seat and told Akhtar: You are the worst person in the house. It is because of you that Jammu and Kashmir is in this mess. You are the head priest.”




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