Assembly: ‘New Industrial Policy is In Vogue,’ NC Lawmaker Reveals

Riyaz ul Khaliq


Ali Mohammad Sagar
NC’s Khanyar Lawmaker: Ali Mohammad Sagar

Jammu and Kashmir Government on Wednesday faced embarrassing situation when five-time lawmaker from Srinagar revealed that “New Industrial Policy is in vogue”.

Participating in debate over grants to J&K’s Industries sector, National Conference senior member and Khanyar lawmaker, Ali Mohammad Sagar told the lower house of state legislature, “I had moved a cut motion and the response reveals that the New Industrial Policy has already been implemented”.

However, he ridiculed the PDP-BJP government “as how was it possible when Government itself had put it on hold”.

“Your spokesperson,” Sagar said addressing Treasury Benches, “addressed a press conference, after cry over implementation of New Industrial Policy, in which he gave a statement that PDP-BJP government has put the policy on hold.”

Alleging the coalition government of “misleading” the general masses, Sagar said, “there is huge difference between what this government says and what it does.”

Pertinent to mention here, Ms Mehbooba Mufti led J&K Government on May 12, 2016 had said that “certain things” in the New Industrial Policy needed a “relook”

The policy was approved during Governor Rule.

“The Government has decided to revisit the industrial policy to make it more comprehensive, broad-based and inclusive without compromising J&K’s special position,” Government spokesperson and Education Minister Naeem Akhtar had said while addressing a hurriedly-called press conference on the issue here.

The government’s instant response came when reports of New Industrial Policy had appeared in press. “This has come to our notice. The Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister have directed for the review of the policy,” Naeem had added.

“Naeem Akhtar, who is said to be face of this government, is on record asserting that policy is on hold,” Sagar said while reading the reply to him from government on his cut motion, “but the Industries Minister has sent me a formal order dating back to Mar 15, 2016.”

Sagar said, “you have accepted that under PPP mode, non-locals are getting land in J&K.”

Accusing government of playing politics and addressing their vote bank, Sagar said, “Naeem Akhtar by addressing media has addressed PDP vote bank and by response from Industries Minister, BJP is addressing its own vote bank.”

Notably, Industries Minister if senior BJP member, Chandra Prakash Ganga.

“Both of you (PDP and BJP) are pursuing your party agendas,” Sagar alleged. “If it (Policy) is on hold, how has this been done?” he questioned.

Participating in the debate, Langate lawmaker, Er Sheikh Abdul Rasheed asked government to review the New Industries Policy. “Take local entrepreneurs, traders and educated people in confidence,” he told the treasury benches.

“Let there be a clear provision that no land is allotted to non-locals,” he said, however, he asserted, “Kashmiris are not against development.” “Maalik Yahan ka hi Rehna Chachiye,” he said.


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