Assembly: Stop jingoism, come clear on dialogue: Tarigami to Delhi

Aakash Hassan


MLA Kulgam, Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami, (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

Senior CPI (m) leader and Kulgam legislator, Muhammad Yusuf Tarigami while expressing need of immediate dialogue with all “stakeholders” said that Delhi should stop “jingoism” and come clear on holding a dialogue.

Speaking in the lower house of the legislative assembly, Tarigami said that Jammu and Kashmir has a unique situation in the whole sub-continent.

“This is a political issue, Atal ji accepted it, Vajpayee accepted it and incumbent Prime Minister has acknowledged it on numerous occasions,” he said, “If dialogue will be initiated it will increase governments respect among people.”

Tarigami stated that the best way to fight “terrorism” is also dialogue.

However, a BJP legislator interrupted his speech saying that after every dialogue process there is attack from Pakistan.

“If you want to fight terrorism, the biggest produced weapon is dialogue,” Tarigami said.

To win the trust of the people of Kashmir Tarigami stated, a judicial commission must be instituted to probe what happened.

“Institute a judicial commission, so that it would become clear, whether it was necessary to fire bullets and pellets,” he said.

“It is not just to punish the culprits, but will heal the wounds of the demoralised people who have lost their dear ones.”

Speaking about Kathua issue he said that this is not a Hindu Muslim Issue but about the rights of Tribals.

“Do not make this issue about Muslims and Hindus. This is an issue of Law passed by parliament.”

He indirectly accused Forest minister of being behind the scene.

“Then there comes a forest minister who threatens that I am not scared of anyone and then a DFO asks the Gujjars to evacuate,” Tarigami stated


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