Assembly: ‘You don’t Know Me,’ NC Lawmaker ‘Threatens’ FinMin; Opposition Walks Out

Riyaz ul Khaliq


Mian Altaf
Mian Altaf

Entire Opposition members staged a walk out from Lower House on Tuesday after they got miffed by “FinMin’s comment”.

The house was discussing construction of ‘Z Morh’ Tunnel in Kangan constituency. NC Lawmaker, Mian Altaf, had asked government to answer as “why locals were not engaged” in the construction of the tunnel.

Mian Altaf told the house as “why locals were being ignored in the projects in state” when PDP led government was “claiming that they are creating jobs for locals” by way of developmental projects in J&K.

As Finance Minister, Dr Haseeb A Drabu, stood to respond, Mian Altaf again disturbed the house. “We want our own local contractors to take up developmental projects in J&K,” Dr Drabu said, “but then people raise Kashmir v/s Jammu cry which should not happen.”

This angered MLA Kangan who shouted, “why won’t we say so.” “Ye kya bakwaas Hai (What are you saying)?” FinMin Drabu responded.

Dr Haseeb A Drabu
Dr Haseeb A Drabu

This created din in the house with NC and Congress members targeting FinMin. However, Social Welfare Minister, Sajad Lone, stood and asked Opposition members to “behave normally and in a parliamentary manner”.

“Mr Lone don’t overreact,” NC’s A M Sagar replied to Sajad Lone. “There is a difference between shouting and parliamentary language,” Lone told the house.

However, Mian Altaf was feeling uneasy who time and again was asking chair to note the comment of FinMin in Assembly records.

“I have been minister four times,” Altaf yelled in the house.

“You don’t know me,” NC’s Kangan Lawmaker roared while addressing FinMin Dr Drabu, “I have seen people more powerful than you.”

“Let us not get into shouting,” Dr Drabu responded. “Let us discuss business and the issues here.”

Later, NC and Congress members staged walk out from the house.


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