Assets belong to Tara Chand not me, says aide Kewal


Syed Junaid Hashmi

JAMMU: Ex-Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand’s one time close aide Kewal Krishan Sharma who is in the custody of State Vigilance Organization (SVO) and presently, admitted in Government Medical College Hospital (GMCH) Jammu is now saying that the disproportionate assets case under which he has been booked, actually belong to his ex-boss.

Talking to Kashmir Life, Kewal Krishan Sharma, the ex-Additional Public relations Officer (APRO) of Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand on whose alleged whims and fancies were the departments run when Congress-NC coalition government was in power in the state, alleged “I just own a Safari storm which my son is driving. All the other vehicles, which have been seized and put on my name belong to the Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand. He would buy the vehicles and then dump them at my home since I was working with him.”

He further said that the ex-Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand owns properties worth several hundred Crores within and outside the state. “He has palatial bungalows and flats in Noida, Ghaziabad, Allahabad and several others places. I am ready to cooperate with the SVO but they are hell bent on victimizing me only. I am again and again warned not to name the ex-Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand. Attempts are being made to get me killed,” alleged Kewal.

He said, “SVO has arrested me. Why aren’t they arresting the Tara Chand who is the owner of all these properties? They do not want to arrest him since they are in league with him.”

He stressed, “if I am an accused why not the one who was the force behind me. I do not have disproportionate assets but the ex-Deputy Chief Minister has.”

His wife, Raj Kumari Koul, alleged that the ex-Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand is using both money and muscle power to silence them. “How can I give poison to my husband? They tried to kill my husband and I fear for his security if he is taken back to the same police station from where he had to be rushed to the hospital,” alleged Koul. She demanded that her husband should be given security and if the same is not done, she said that she has fears that her husband might get killed.

On the other hand, the Principal of Government Medical College (GMC) Jammu Dr. Zahid Geelani had constituted a medical board consisting of Dr. Dharminder Kumar from the Cardiology department, Dr. Rakesh Banal from the Psychiatry department, Dr. B.R.Kundal from the Neurology department and Dr. Gurmeet Singh from the Department of Medicine. The board had been tasked with finding out the medical condition of Kewal Krishan Sharma and ascertaining whether he is medically fit or not.

Sources said that the board has already submitted its report wherein it has said that Kewal Krishan Sharma is medically fit. “There is nothing to suggest that he is not medically fit. Even we are doubtful about the claim that he was either poisoned or he tried to commit suicide. The four tablets which he is believed to have consumed are anti-depressants. They are unlikely to cause any serious side-effect to whosoever is taking them. About the poison, we are not sure since he got stable within no time, we cannot claim with certainty that he was poisoned,” said a doctor pleading anonymity.

Even then let us wait for the report from the FSL. “Once the report comes, things would become clear,” said the Doctor. In normal circumstances, it takes around two to three hours and sometimes even more to stabilize a patient medically who has either been poisoned or who tries commit suicide by consuming some poisonous substance. Nothing of this sought happened in the case of Kewal Krishan Sharma which is surprising,” added the Doctor who had attended to him.

It needs to be mentioned here that Kewal Krishan Sharma had tried to committee suicide a day after his bail application was rejected by the High Court.


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