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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that his government will take all possible steps to rehabilitate Kashmiri pandits who have migrated from the state.  “About 20 percent people of Jammu and Kashmir have been displaced. We will take all possible steps for their rehabilitation,” Modi said.

While speaking at the inauguration of 44 megawatt hydro power project in Kargil town of Ladakh region, Modi said that the country must get rid of corruption as we are lagging behind because of the practice.

Modi said he will not allow his officials to ask for bribes or even let people give bribes.   “In my government, I won’t let officials ask for bribes or let people give bribes,” Modi said.   Modi stressed on his government’s priority to the development of the region.   “Our focus is development and taking everyone together on the path of development.”   The PM also said the power through the new plant will take the city foeward .   “Power is not only for televisions and mobile phones, it’s for power industries in Kashmir as well,” Modi said.

Modi spoke about enhancing connectivity in the region too, and said that Kargil needs to be connected to rest of India.   “We are committed to enhancing connectivity in this region. It’s our responsibility to connect people of Kargil with the rest of India,” he said.


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