At least 70 People Injured In Clashes In Baramulla: Doctors

Sameer Yasir


The doctors at Baramulla district hospital say they have received more than seventy injured from last one month, but residents of old town say the number of injured in old town is more than two hundred.

Curfew was reimposed in the town today in the morning after cops in civics arrested 17 men from different places in the new town present in the market. After that fresh protests erupted in the old town and at least 20 civilians were injured in the clashes.

Picture was taken at an undisclosed location in old town Baramulla.
Photo: Yaqoob Lala

Doctors, wishing anonymity said, out of seventy injured bought to hospital 17 have been hit by pellets, ten people have received splinter injuries. Rest were either having stone injuries or injuries due to rubber bullets.

Two among them Muzamil Qayoom a resident of Sheeri Baramulla and Musiab Ahmad Lone from Chotipora Achbal have lost their vision.

It is pertinent to mention here that Musaib was being bought to District Hospital on February 7 when police stooped the ambulance and took him in custody. After four days he was bought for treatment by Baramulla police station from where he was referred to SKIMS.

He too lost vision. Both of them were later taken to Chandigarh for specialized treatment in eyes.

Doctors say that although they don’t have any count of the people injured in town because the injured prefer to get treated inside the old town so that they won’t be arrested by police on the new side of town while in Hospital.

All the injured were taken to old town to an unknown location where they were treated by local medical practitioners. Photo: Yaqoob Lala

“Most of the clashes happen in the old town side of and who so ever gets injured they prefer to take go to local  compounders because they don’t want to get arrested”, a doctor at hospital said.

As the shops were about to be opened today in morning cops in civics arrested many in the town and fired tear gas shells indiscriminately at the crowd who had gathered after the arrest. Many people were injured but no one was taken to Baramulla hospital. All the injured were taken to old town to an unknown location where they were treated by local medical practitioners.

“We don’t want to go to district hospital as police comes and arrests us that is the reason we prefer to come for the treatment to the local chemist”, said one of the injured in today’s scuffles.



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