Pellets Fired In Baramulla,17 Injured

KL Report


Seventeen civilians were injured in fresh violent clashes against the continuous detention of arrested youth which broke out in the Old town Baramullah after curfew was lifted from the area Saturday morning. Police and forces fired pellets resulting most of the injuries.

A youth treated for pellet injuries at a local dispensary in Baramullah. Photo: Yaqoob Lala

According to eyewitnesses clashes broke out when police men came in a private vehicle (Sumo) and took away a number of youngsters from the busy market place.

“After days of curfew and unrest we finally managed to open our shops but they (policemen) started picking up youngsters,” said a local shopkeeper.

According to reports, 17 people were injured since morning in different parts of the old town Baramullah.

“We have so far received 14 people who have pellet injuries while two people were hit by rubber bullets and one person was hit by a teargas shell,” said a local paramedic.

The injured are treated at a local dispensary as ambulances and paramedics were stopped from reaching the spot.

“There is no way we could take injured to the hospital as they (police and CRPF) have sealed all exit routes,” said an eyewitness over phone from Baramullah.

Meanwhile fresh clashes are reported from several areas in the old town Baramulla. Protesters are demanding immediate release of arrested youth. Speaking to Kashmir Life over phone a youngster from Baramullah said, ‘It is highly unlikely that situation will improve unless those arrested are released.”



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