At Srinagar Airport, This Weekend Was History

SRINAGAR: The Srinagar airport created history on Saturday when 39 aircraft landed in a single day. They carried a total of 10944 travellers to Kashmir and out of the Valley, reports said.

Dir Tourism receives travellers at Srinagar Airport

Normally the Srinagar airport gets 35 landings on a day.

With 78 landings and take-offs, Saturday created a record of sorts. While 5575 travellers landed, 5369 took off to various destinations from Srinagar.

This essentially means tourism is gradually picking up after years of a huge slump.

“We are getting high-end tourists as well because the Covid19 situation has prevented this lot from flying overseas,” one tourism officer said. “We are taking all the safeguards to ensure the Covid19 does not return.”

“WE believe August will do much better,” a senior Tourism department officer said. “Till the end of July. Kashmir has recorded the arrival of 147571 domestic and 640 foreign tourists,” the officer said. Most of the tourists arrived during winters and then there was a sort of hiatus in May and then it again picked up.

A day ahead on Friday, the Srinagar airport had seen 74 flights coming and leaving the airport. They flew 8515 passengers to and fro Srinagar.

Airport managers have said that the airport has resumed its pre-Covid19 routine with hugely improved traffic.


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