Attention Islamabad Bikers: No Fuel If You Do Not Wear Helmets

Aakash Hassan



In Islamabad, police have been asked to seize the motorcycles if the riders have no helmet. Even the petrol pumps have been asked not to refuel them, Deputy Commissioner Aabid Rashid has ordered.

The “strict” conditions are part of the order that DC has issued. “It has come into notice that a lot of traffic accidents involving two wheelers are taking place in the district Anantnag…,” the order reads. “As riders are endangering their lives by not wearing protective gear (helmets), situation often costs precarious lives.”

The order mention section- 177 of the J&K Motor Vehicles Act and says not wearing a helmet is a cognizable offence under section-129 of the said act.

“To avoid the loss of life involving two wheeler accidents in the district,” the order reads, “No petrol pump owner shall provide fuel to such two wheeler rider who is plying without wearing protective head gear (helmet).”

The order further reads that, “Any two wheel rider and pillion moving without wearing protective head gear (helmet) be seized and booked under the relevant provisions of Law.”

The traffic police and police authorities have been ordered to impalement in “letter and spirit.”


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