Attention: Scanned, Photocopied Documents of Vehicles not Valid, say Police



Traffic police Wednesday ruled out accepting scanned and photocopied documents of vehicles, which people usually carry for their convenience.

Drivers and private transport owners carry with these documents of their licenses while driving for convenient carrying.

However, the owners said the traffic police manning the roads and busy traffic spots during checking don’t accept these documents from them and impose fine on them.

“It seems arbitrary that despite having photocopied and scanned copies of original documents, traffic police do not accept them. They impose fine on us, sometimes confiscate our vehicles,” said Javaid Ahmad, a bike owner from Srinagar.

Ahmad said that he had scanned his original driving license and other related documents for the fear of missing and also for convenience. “It becomes convenient to carry scanned license in a pocket than to carry a big bag of documents. But police does not accept them as original,” he said.

Superintendent of Police Traffic for Srinagar, Maqsood-ul-Zaman told KNS that scanned and photocopied documents produced by vehicle owners during checking are not valid.

The SP said that only original copies of the documents are acceptable and valid.

“Traffic police does not accept such photocopied documents from vehicle owners as these documents can be manipulated. Sometimes such documents are also fraud. We confiscate all such documents,” Zaman said.

He appealed to the vehicle owners not to carry such documents as only original copies are treated as valid.


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