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The members of the divided families across the LOC at Teetwal had to return dismayed after the authorities disallowed them to have a fortnightly meet on Thursday.

The reports received by KNS, mentioned that the people from various districts of Valley tried to assemble near the banks of Kishanganga river to have glimpses of their dear ones living on the other side of LOC, the meet is allowed fortnightly every year from May to November.

The people from the both sides assemble near the river, having the width of more than 250 feet , and  see their dear ones.

The people Thursday return to their homes dismayed as the authorities did not allow them to see their known ones. The relatives of several persons living on the other side of LOC accused that the state authorities without any concrete reason disallowed people to have the scheduled ‘milan.’

The Sub district magistrate Tangdhar, Zahoor Ahmad Mir when contacted by KNS mentioned that the process gets closed every year in the month of November and that due to the prevailing cold weather conditions, the authorities had halted the process on November 6 .

Meanwhile, people asserted that the meet must remain open for the whole year and that the authorities must take concrete measures so that the people living on the both sides could at least have the glimpses of their dear ones.


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