Kamal advocates separate timing for Parliamentary, Assembly polls

KL Report


Advocating that the Parliamentary and Assembly polls in the state must be conducted separately, the additional general secretary Dr. Mustafa Kamal Friday said that the state in past as well has witnessed polls during the most turbulent times.

While talking to KNS, Kamal said the militancy in the state has relatively declined and that the polls during the present times will be more secure than the previous ones. “The state witnessed the polls even in 1996 and during that time the militancy was on rise. This time it would be oblivious to have the forthcoming parliamentary and assembly polls separately.”

Commenting over the pre-poll alliance with the state congress ahead of the forthcoming polls, Kamal mentioned that the party leadership has decided to nominate its candidates from valley itself and that the party  would contest polls on all the three constituencies in valley. “We take state as one and we believe that the party would fight on its own in the coming polls, however the party will take the final decision over the issue.”

Terming the recently formed third front in valley ‘not a big threat’ to the political scenario of the state, Kamal said that the Front has no base except in two areas. “We believe that they do not pose any significant threat to the politics here and that except two seats, the Front will not come with anything else.”


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