Authorities Publish 3rd Roshni Beneficiary List

SRINAGAR: In the continued disclosures about the beneficiaries of Roshni scheme, the administration has published a series of lists about the lands that the people in Srinagar and various other districts have taken over. Those named include the family National Conference president Farooq Abdullah’s sister, a Congressman and a hotel owner.

The list of 130 individuals published on the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir’s website also mentions the money they have paid.  So far three lists have been published excluding the list of the state land under occupation in which no mutations have taken place.

First List

There are 53 listing in the first list. These include 4 mentions of Dr Haseeb Drabu and his family; four about the families of Broadway Hotel owners, the Amlas’; two about former IAS officer Shafi Pandit and his wife; the Khidmat Trust in Lal Chowk and the Nawaie Subh Complex near Zero Bridge. Two properties of Mushtaq Ahmad Chaya also fall in the first list. The list does offer details of the land valuation.

Some major commercial buildings also fall in the list. These include Hotel Ruby, Hubson Commercial Building, and some shops near Ganta Ghar, The Residency Hotel and the City Walk Mall. All other entries are residential structures.

Second List

There are 101 entries in the second list.  It starts with the name of Peer Ghulam Hassan Shah, probably the long term State Police Chief, who lived in Jawahar Nagar. The list carries the details of the land valuation that a government constituted committee decided. No entry values less than Rs 40 lakh a kanal. Mushtaq Chaya and Amla’s figures in this list as well.

What is interesting, Kashmir’s world-famous poet Agha Shahid Ali and his brothers also are listed in this one and they have paid Rs 56 lakh. In fact all the Agha’s fall in the list including the grandson of legendry Begum Zafar Ali.

What is interesting that the people have paid for these lands where, according to t the documents, there are “abandoned residential houses” now. It indicates that people had been living at these places much earlier.

Suriya Abdullah, sister of Farooq Abdullah, was also named among the beneficiaries who got ownership of an over three Kanal plot under residential use. She, however, has not paid Rs 1 crore, so far.

Third List

The third list has 42 entries and the details include the payments that people have made under the law that was later binned by the High Court.


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