Autonomy, revocing AFSPA, demilitarization in NC’s LS election manifesto: Kamaal

KL Report


Greater autonomy, revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), reducing footprints of army and the development are a few catchphrases with which the National Conferences will go to people to seek votes for the Lok Sabha elections scheduled to start from April 7.

Dr Mustafa Kamal, additional general secretary National Conference said: “The NC will seek votes on our unfinished political task that is getting greater autonomy as per the resolution passed by the state assembly, revocation of AFSPA, reducing footprints of army, clearing government buildings and other civilian areas from army and above all pursuing with New Delhi to start meaningful talks with Pakistan to sort out the festering problem of Jammu and Kashmir.” Kamaal said that NC will put its weight behind New Delhi to involve Pakistan in a resolution of Kashmir issue.

The NC’s additional general secretary observed that its manifesto for the Lok Sabha election will also include developmental agenda like further pace development particularly concentrating on the power sector. “For return of some of the power projects are under at the stage of negotiations and similarly the construction on some projects is on. Our endeavour will be to address the power woes of people of Jammu and Kashmir in next five or six years,” he added.

Meanwhile, when asked about the ill preparedness of the administration to tackle the post snowfall situation in Kashmir, Kamaal agreed that there was slackness on part of the administration but nevertheless, such situation arose because of an unprecedented snowfall this spring.

“You see such situation emerge in highly mechanized western countries. The city was inundated here because over loaded drainage and you would have not seen such a situation if this snowfall would have occurred in the month of January or the beginning of February. People also were not prepared for such a heavy snowfall and everybody was caught unaware,” he said. Kamaal remarked the advisories issued by the metrological department had predicted early weather warnings about high altitude areas and there were no specific warnings about the plains.


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