Azad is ‘Sweet Poison’, Mufti is ‘Bitter Poison’: Dr Mustafa Kamal

KL Desk

Fire Brand senior leader of National Conference and younger brother of party president, Dr Mustafa Kamal on Sunday kicked up a political storm by claiming that Azad is a ‘sweet poison’ and Mufti is a ‘bitter poison’.

Kamal who is also additional general secretary of party while addressing meeting of party workers in Kishtwar office of National Conference said if National Conference had not decided to form a coalition government in the state after the state electorate handed over the fractured mandate in 2008 the two enemies had joined hands together as they had adequate numbers on their side.

“We thought it is appropriate to form the coalition govt as Omar sahab had said, Azad is  ‘sweet poison’ and Mufti is ‘bitter poison’”.

Dr Kamal also gave vent to his ire against the electorate for not giving decisive mandate in favour of the National Conference in 2008.

He said, “You (voters) had the option available with you but you  did not gave us the mandate. Instead you forced these two enemies to chase us.  It is for this reason we jumped in the arena and decided  to form the coalition to keep these two enemies at bay”.

He also said had they allowed these two enemies to join hands  they would have created havoc for us. So  the decision was taken to form the coalition and we are also paying the heavy price for the same.

Dr Kamal also shared his view point on why India was shying away from signing ‘no war treaty’ with Pakistan’. “We do not know the exact reasons why India was not signing ‘ no war treaty’. If India will continue to raise this issue then i have no hesitation in saying that Pakistan is not our enemy. Our enemy is our own country.”

Dr Kamal said  the entire world is asking us to resolve the issue of Kashmir, “We have opened our border to carry out trade activity with Pakistan. We can introduce some more relaxations “. He said the presence of Indian army in Kashmir is the biggest stumbling block .He said the civil population has suffered the most as compared to militants  due to draconian laws such as AFSPA in the state.


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