Bad Condition Of Roads Irks City Residents

KL Report


As the devastating floods hit almost all the sectors badly, there is no respite for city residents who are facing acute problems because of pathetic condition of roads.

The roads have turned slushy with road users, especially two-wheelers and pedestrians are at the receiving end. The road condition near the Cement Bridge Noorbagh Qamerwari is worse that even four-wheelers find it difficult to move. “Vehicles splash mud onto pedestrians. The road condition is already bad since months and now the floods have aggravated the same to the pathetic level,” a pedestrian told KNS.

In the absence of footpath, pedestrians are forced to walk on the roads and chance of being hit by vehicles remains high. “At least the potholes should be closed with small gravels if relaying could not be done. The government is playing with the life of people,” he added.

The residents of the Batmaloo and Lal Chowk accused the authorities of not maintaining the road in the city properly. They said that there are numerous potholes from Batmaloo to Rambagh and Lal Chowk on the road.

“The roads are in a dilapidated condition. I don’t know how many more months the government is going to wait to repairing these roads. What are they actually waiting for to see these roads turning into wells,” Ghulam Nabi a resident of Rajorikadal told KNS.

A doctor from the SMHS Hospital said conditions of the road near the SMHS hospital is dilapidated and the condition is like this for over a year now.

An elderly lady from Bemina said that the government here has the money to organize meaningless campus but there is no money for the roads.

Meanwhile, when the matter was taken up with the R&B Minister Majeed Wani by KNS, he blew the usual trumpet, what government has been blowing over the years. “We will repair the roads very soon.”


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