Bad connectivity: Kargil Protest against BSNL

Sajjad Hussain

KARGIL: Thousands of people gathered outside BSNL office to protest against failure of smooth service and internet facility. The protest was organized by Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust Kargil. The protest started from Jamia Masjid Kargil marched through main bazar and culminated there.

The protesters were chanting slogans against the center governments Digital India.

Meanwhile speaking to the protesters at BSNL office Maulana Abass Karari vice chairman IKMT said the protest is against the poor BSNL service in Kargil and Leh districts of Ladakh region.

“We would say to BSNL either they should windup their office or provide smooth BSNL service to the consumers,” Karavi said. “The BSNL authorities were failed to provide service for four months during last winter and they are again repeating same in summer also we is unacceptable.”

BSNL authorities were asked to call their higher officials in Kargil and rectify the crisis before the situation go worsen and out of their control.

Chairman IKMT Shiekh Hussain Lufti said the government is celebrating the three years of achievement program across country including Kargil but Digital India is an open failure of their government in Kargil. He reminded prime minister of his promise to develop “Kargil like Kutch”.

BSNL officials on their part told that the Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) breaks down beyond Sonamarg which is not their jurisdiction that’s why the service remains down often.

Its pertinent to mention here that the protest against BSNL was started by the retailers, franchises and customers of the BSNL and they are in the protest in last three day but today on the fourth day IKMT have organized this massive protest in Kargil.


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