Baig Asks 5 Questions To CM; Says Omar Insult to People of J&K

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Senior Peoples Democratic Leader (PDP) and former deputy Chief Minister Muzaffar Hussain Baigh has accused Chief Minister Omar Abdullah of working on daily wage basis. Baig further told the media that Omar had lowered the prestige and value of his position.

“He is an insult to the State of Jammu and Kashmir and has brought Chief Minister’s position into disrepute”, he said.

According to the statement, Baig was not allowed by the  speaker to speak on his party’s Adjourment Motion, and later  he held a press conference in the Assembly premises. In the press conference,  Baig asked some questions to the Chief Minister in the light of Afzal Guru’s hanging and role of State Government.

While alleging Omar of being responsible of Afzal Guru’s hanging, Baig said, “the Sheikh family has been given the job of hangman exclusively as is established by the execution of Afzal and before him Maqbool Bhat.”

Baig said, the Chief Minister in reply to the debate on the Adjournment Motion ironically claimed credit for clamping curfew, banning news papers and unleashing repression in Kashmir. “As if he has done a favour to all us, it looks”, Baig added.

Referring to the process which culminated in Afzal’s hanging, Baig said, “it was not an execution but a murder.”

He said the Constitution of India and the Supreme Court’s decisions of the subject had been blatantly violated.

“Omar Abdullah facilitated this process in his family tradition just to be able to stick to power,” Baig added.

Baig’s  5 Questions to Chief Minister Omar Abdullah:

“1.    On February 10, 2013 you claimed in your interview to CNN_IBN, that the Home Minister of India had informed you only on February 8,  at 8 PM that Guroo would be hanged in Tihar Jail on February 9,  at 8 AM . In reply to a specific question, you asserted that Home Minister had, a week or ten days earlier informally and non-specifically asked you as to what would be the fall out, if Guroo was hanged. Our question is this “Is it not a fact that Home Minister had actually informed you well in time that Guroo would be hanged that he had taken you into confidence in advance. Were you not aware well in advance before 8th of February that Guroo was going to be hanged? On the evening of 8th of February you had been furnished only the balance information indicating the date, venue and time  of hanging. Have you not spoken only half truth about this matter? Have you not been unfair to Home Minister?
2.      Even if it were that the Home Minister had some time back only informally informed you about the hanging of Guroo to elicit your view on its likely fallout, was it not your duty, as Chief Minister of the State, to honestly, objectively and courageously inform him that it would have adverse impact on the National interest in Kashmir?
 In your interview to CNN-IBN, you have, inter alia, highlighted, expressly or by necessary implication, the following features which are according to you incongruous and objectionable in the way Guroo’s hanging was carried out.
a.       Guroo’s hanging and the way it was “ Will alienate two generations of Kashmir youth:. ( This assertion can be interpreted as suggestive. It also sounds like an ominous threat or self-fulfilling prophesy).
b.      Guroo’s hanging was “ selective” and “out of turn”. Murderers of Former Chief Minister of Punjab Shri Biant Singh and the Former Prime Minister of India Shri Rajiv Gandhi though convicted earlier have been spared so far.  Goroo’s hanging raises questions about GOI’s intent and impartiality. ( This statement may have sent as subliminal message to Kashmiris especially their youth suggesting unjust prejudicial behavior of “ India towards Kashmiri Muslims”).

c.       With tongue in cheeks and a flavor of bitter sarcasm, you pointed out that the Supreme Court in its judgment had revealed that penalty of death was necessary in Guroo’s case to satisfy “ the collective conscience of the Nation”. You rightly implied, though sub-silentio, that judgment should be delivered on dispassionate grounds of justice and not to satisfy anyone’s desire or hatred. These arguments are substantial and genuine only if they were made bonafide and in time! However, they were made only after the damage was done and not in time to prevent the damage. Our questions:
When the Home Minister of India ‘ sacually’ informally or academically informed you about Guroo’s hanging did you discuss with him the arguments raised by you in post facto TV interview and which have been enumerated above.

3.      If, however, you failed to make these points to the Home Minister, as most likely appears to be the case, then what was the point and purpose of raising these agitating issues one day after Guroo’s hanging? How will you answer those people who believe that your performance on TV Channel was scripted and devious-that your plan was and is to deflect people anger with you inaction or complicity away from you and towards GOI, and at the same time to carve out a soft corner for yourself in the hearts of those who you describe as “ alienated youth”?

 How you deal with GOI is their and your concern. Our question is on the matter that concerns us: How long will you perpetuate the age-old policy of National Conferene to mislead and exploit the emotions of Kashmiris? How long can you fool and rule us? How long can you enjoy Congress’s protection against people wrath? How long can you pass the buck: How long can you find alibis? How long can you take advantage of Kashmir problem and bargain for NC rule by speaking in different languages? How long?

 4.      On the other hand, if we are native enough to assume that you presented all your arguments and apprehensions before the Home Minister but he rejected them then will you tell us why didn’t you take this case before Higher authorities, like Hon’ble President, Hon’ble Prime Minister and Hon’ble Chairperson UPA Smt. Sonia Gandhi who is known  for her compassionate heart.

5.      Our next question is a basic question that a common man would ask:-

If it is true, as you claim, that you were virtually and substantially kept in the dark by the Home Minister or if he rejected your arguments. Then who are you?

If you were amiss or reluctant to take your case to higher authorities, mentioned above. Then who are you?

If you are not taken into confidence by GOI on matters relating to Kashmir which have adverse implications for the security of India. Then who are you?

If you are too casual or too callous to discuss with GOI the question of their policy that may alienate “ two coming generations of alienated youth” Then what are you?

Please ask your conscience if you are conducting yourself in a manner that would behove the Chief Minister of J&K, which though electorally a rather insignificant State is politically and strategically quite important.

You may answer all these questions by saying that you are the Chief Minister of the State and you are doing your best, but doing your best is not good enough in Jammu and Kashmir.”


  1. I am now tired by saying thousands of times that Umar Abdula has broken all the records of telling lies I again repeat that he is a damn lier.He is a black spot on Kashmirwhich we must remove.Sheikh dynasty has always befooled us.Rightly said that by clamping curfew,banning media publications etc Umar Abdula has tried to safeguard the people as if he has done a favour to the people .


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