KUSU Condemns ‘Killing’ of Mudasir; Calls for Suspension of Class work on March 5

KL Report


While condemning the ‘killing’ of a Kashmiri  scholar Mudasir Kamran in Hyderabad, Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU)  has called for suspension of class work in the University on Tuesday March 5.

“The killing of Mudasir Kamran is a profound indication of the inherent barbarism of India and the deep seated hatred it harbours towards Kashmiris,” KUSU said in a statement.

“Mudasir’s killing is a culmination of the persecution that Kashmiri students have been facing in India in recent times. The killing of Mudasir is not the first instance of persecution of Kashmiri students in India. In fact Kashmiri students have been regularly harassed in the Indian states of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Dehradun etc,” it added.

While rejecting the version coming after Mudasir’s death, KUSU said that the vicious and shameless propaganda that all organs of the Indian state have done over the killing of Mudasir, is absolutely pathetic.

“Indian versions of the massacre of Kashmiris over the last 23 years have been tainted with bias and the cunning of a typical occupier. As such not even an iota of Indian narrative about Mudasir’s killing can be taken as truth. Also Mudasir’s family has given an unambiguous account of his tragic death.Those harping the Indian narrative are nothing but ignorant and naive about the hypocrisy of Indian occupation,” the statement added.

KUSU condoles the family of Mudasir who was a pass out from Kashmir University and also advises the Kashmiri student community in India to be vigilant and remain united in groups as well as help each other out as much as possible.
“Going by the trends of Indian oppression over Kashmiris, the persecution is likely to increase in the future,” they said.


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