Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir has condemned ban on internet in the Kashmir valley and has termed it ‘immoral’, ‘illegal’ and ‘anti-people.’

Jama’at said “the ban on internet depicts the total indifference of Indian rulers towards the prosperity, development, economical and educational upliftment of Kashmiri people in addition to the promotion of tourism.”

“This attitude proves the pledges made by government as hoax and deception like other pledges made in the past. These rulers have no other agenda but to plunder the natural resources of the valley and to use it as their economic hub for sale of all their low grade & spurious goods and medicines,” the statement said adding that,  “They are bent upon to increase the miseries of common masses and promote unemployment among the youth.”

Terming the move as “vicious methods to suppress the just voice” Jama’at has said that “such tactics have always proved futile.”

“Recently the world got startled on seeing the peaceful agitation of the student community throughout the valley against the state sponsored violence and the Indian establishment banned all means of free communication in utter frustration to hide its uneasiness,” the statement said.



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