#BandiporaMarshalling: ‘Incident being Investigated, Guilty will be Punished’



A social website photograph showing the two seriously injured residents on the road.
A social website photograph showing the two seriously injured residents on the road.

Stating that stern action will be taken against those involved in “unlawful activities”, the Director General of Police K Rajendra Tuesday said that the police were investigating the Bandipora incident and the guilty will be punished as per the law.

“We don’t hesitate to take stern action against those indulging in unlawful activities such as instigating people for protests. Police will never allow anybody to disturb the law and order in the state,” Rajendra told KNS over phone.

He said “some elements drive people to hardships through their unlawful activities”. “It can’t be tolerated anymore and those involved in such acts will have to face the music. We can’t allow anyone to put people to inconvenience,” DGP said adding that “people don’t want disturbance to prevail in the valley”.

Commenting on the stone pelting incidents, the DGP said that police are “trying hard to counsel these youths in a good manner”. “We have identified the stone pelters. We will counsel them and I appeal the parents to dissuade their children from pelting stones”.

However, the police chief said that the police are also identifying people behind stone pelting. “The police are identifying the people behind stone pelting. After their identification strict action under the law will be taken against them,” he said.

The DGP added that that the police are investigating Bandipora incident where villagers were thrashed by the Army. “I have asked the police station concerned to investigate the incident thoroughly. I assure you that whosoever found guilty, action will be taken as per law.”

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