Masarat Alam
Masarat Alam

Chairperson Muslim League and senior Hurriyat (g) leader, Masarat Alam, was not presented to a local court here on his hearing, an ML spokesperson said.

The spokesperson, Mohammad Rafiq Ganaie, told KNS that it is condemnable that the Mufti government is not allowing the arrested leader to be heard in the court.

Alam was scheduled to be presented before Forest Magistrate here, but the authorities did not present him before the judge, he said.

“The brutal Mufti government is scared of Alam’s public stature, and thus it does not want him to be presented before public,” he said, adding, “PDP was running the agenda of RSS.”

He said that the government “is deliberately doing it under a plan so that he is not released by the court.”

Meanwhile, the court directed the government that Alam should be presented before the court on next hearing on December 15 this year.


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