Banning civilian traffic on highway has put people to unnecessary duress: Omar


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference vice President Omar Abdullah on Tuesday asserted that the incumbent governor administration has made banning of the highway a point of prestige saying that the measure hasn’t proved helpful to forces rather it has brought inconvenience to people.

NC vice president Omar Abdullah addressing a public meet at Sholipora, Budgam.

Addressing a public meet at Sholipora, Budgam, party Vice President said that banning civilian traffic on the highway for two consecutive days a week has put people to unnecessary duress. “On other days we see non-civilian traffic plying on road without any hassle, therefore this scheme of banning civilian traffic on two days is unreasonable and devoid of logic. In fact, the army and police have distanced themselves from having such an arrangement. I, therefore, urge the governor to roll back the order immediately,” he said.

While expressing concern over the decline of civilized political discourse, Omar said, “We are witnessing a steep fall in the level of civility in the political discourse during the ongoing election campaign. There should be no place for any hate speech or personal attacks. I hope election commission takes rigorous action against such people as surpass the ambit of civility and decency,” adding, “It is the prime duty of election commission to ensure that moral code of conduct is thoroughly adhered to. They should take tough measures in this direction to ensure the usage of illicit money in the elections is stopped.”

“We have political outfits and people who are blatantly indulging in intimidation and thrashing of their political adversaries. We have come across incidents where in our political workers were thrashed and intimidated post and pre-polling few days ago. These political outfits who come forth holding lotus and apple in their hands have erected their edifices on the plinth of money and falsehood. The election commission should take cognizance of their erroneous activities and act accordingly. People should remain vigilant of their machinations and shenanigans.”

Omar while referring to present situation the state is grappling with after PDP-BJP-PC combine came to power, said, “People remember how mosques were closed during their reign, how central laws were implemented in our state, how innocents were intimidated by worst possible means. They want us to forget all that but our memory is not weak,” adding, “What good was achieved in my government was put into an abyss by the PDP BJP government. What happened to Rs 80000 Cr package?  Where did it go? We seek accountability.”

Omar while reminding PDP-PC to combine on their promises of holding parleys with Hurriyat and Pakistan and giving jobs to youth, said, “They had promised to remove AFSPA, ensure the minimal presence of the army in the streets and much more. Nothing of that sort happened. They failed miserably in carrying forward the goodwill achieved till 2014. On the contrary, the combine plunged the state into chaos and turmoil. It’s up to people now to make amends and show them their right place by using the vote wisely.”

Underscoring the importance of Land Reforms, Omar said that the revolutionary step would not have been possible without Art 370, Art 35 A in place. “The famous land to tiller reforms and the other sleuth of people friendly reforms undertaken by Sher- e- Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah are one of its kind, nowhere else in the sub-continent were such exemplary steps taken which empowered majority here. The trajectory of the land reforms changed the destiny of our ill-fated people who have been marred by years of injustice and repression. Moreover, our kids would not have been the sole beneficiaries of scholarship schemes provided by the state if Art 370 Art 35-A were not in place. As such we have to make it a point to strengthen NC candidates and trounce the machinations of those who are hell bent to destroy our identity and special status.”

Party president said that once the party is voted to power the development requirement of far-flung areas will be fulfilled on a priority basis. “We formulate policies that help the people living in the far-flung areas live a better life. We will invest on human development, community development and basic infrastructure. Our idea of development is inclusive, it sans regional and other prejudices,” he said.

Appreciating the persona of former Minister Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi, Omar said that he is a sincere politician who believes in working for people without any fanfare or slogan mongering. While addressing people, he said,“In the ensuing parliament elections we have to strengthen the hands of Dr Sahab and afterwards in Assembly elections, you have to ensure a thumping victory for Aga sahib. Once in power both of them will leave no stone unturned to realize the anticipated development goals in Budgam constituency, particularly in its far-flung areas.”

Among others party’s additional general secretary Dr Sheikh Mustufa Kamal, Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi, former member parliament Sharief Ud Din Shariq, Mir Saifullah, Aga Yousuf, political advisor to vice president Tanvir Sadiq, and Haji Abdul Ahad Dar also addressed the meet and sought support for party candidate Dr Farooq Abdullah.


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