Bariatric surgery introduced in Srinagar’s Shifa hospital



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In a first in private sector in Kashmir, Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) was conducted successfully by Dr Aijaz Malik a young advanced Laparoscopic surgeon of the valley.

An official from the hospital said that earlier such patients were used to fly to Delhi and other parts of the country for such advanced Laparoscopic surgeries involving a lot of financial cost and inconvenience.

Shifa hospital

The official added that earlier a 40 years old Morbidly obese patient whose weight was 105 kilograms with a BMI of 45 kg/m2 with multiple comorbidities including hypothyroidism, Obstructive sleep apnoea/L knee Osteoarthritis, Dyslipidemia underwent a successful Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy at Shifa Medical Center, Magarmal Bagh, Srinagar, where a patient had an uneventful postoperative recovery and is doing well.

The hospital should serve as a stepping stone for a long journey with the support of medical fraternity. The clinicians and surgeons in know-how of bariatric surgery will appreciate the importance of such a step, he said.

Dr Malik has completed his PG from SKIMS and has an experience of seven years in various minimal access units in Delhi. Malik also has three years of association with the father of bariatric surgery n India, Dr Pradeep chowbey. Malik has done his fellowships and has worked extensively in bariatric surgery under Professor Michel Gagner from the USA.


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