Based on ‘allegations’, Kashmiri professor forced to resign at LPU



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After the back to back reports of an assault on Kashmiris outside the valley, especially on the student community, this time a professor from Kashmir at Lovely Professional University (LPU) was forced to resign from his service amid the false accusations.


A Kashmiri resident Salman Shaheen, who teaches at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar told News 18 that a photo shopped image of Shaheen went viral on the social media, which misrepresented the comments made by him. The dubbed image eventually led to him being targeted by mobs, following which the university management asked him to resign from his position.

“I just spoke to one of our students who had updated her status in WhatsApp abusing the Kashmiris, I just spoke few lines to her that we should spread the language of love rather than fighting with each other, but later it was photoshopped that landed me into the controversy,” Shaheen said in a video posted by news 18. “On February 16, the video went viral among the students who abused me like anything,” the professor added.

Next day, on February 17, Shaheen approached the management they called those students for questioning “but the students presented the story in such a way which forced the management to ask me for the resign,” Shaheen said. “It’s better you go back to your place, either you resign else we will suspend you because the environment here is not good now,” the university management told Shaheen.

After coming back from the university, half an hour had barely passed and his residence was surrounded by the mobs holding iron roads asking him to go back to Kashmir. However, he was later rescued by Punjab Police.


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