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Author journalist Basharat Peer is joining International New York Times as Staff Editor, newspaper’s Global Editor Lydia Polgreen announced on Twitter.

“Now this is awesome news,” Polgreen tweeted a few minutes back. “@Basharat Peer joins NYT as an opinion editor.”

Basharat told Kashmir Life he was sounded earlier during the day. He wanted to meet his parents in Srinagar but the weather conditions cancelled all the Srinagar bounded flights,

Basharat Peer Peer is the author of Curfewed  Night and was frequently writing for NYT and other global media organizations.

Curfewed Night is considered to be the first Kashmiri narrative of the two decade long violent conflict in Kashmir. Through the stories of ordinary people, the author tells a candid account of life of fear when search operations, crackdowns and disappearances in valley were frequent.

Peer, 39, started his journalism career in 2000 with He revisited Kashmir in 2003 to work on his book. Later he joined the prestigious Columbia University for a postgraduate Journalism program and contributed regularly to leading publications like UK based Guardian and leading Gulf newspaper The National. He has also served as assistant editor in New York based magazine Foreign Affairs.

Later, Peer went on Mecca pilgrimage to write a longer travelogue on the Haj. Briefly, he joined The Hindu. Apart from screenplay of Bollywood film on Kashmir, Haider, Peer edited the NYT blog on India for some time as well.




  1. Congrats Basharat Peer: I am delighted to read about your association with NYT. May Allah bless and help you to attain heights of professionalism and integrity. We wish you coe up with more books like Curfewed Night.

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