‘Be Grateful To Shiekh M Abdullah: Sharad Yadav Tells India

KL Report


Janta Dal United President and Member Parliament, Sharad Yadav Monday said that India should always be grateful to late Shiekh Muhammad Abdullah as it was he, who played a pivotal role in making Kashmir a part of India. “Shiekh Muhammad Abdullah give India what a son fails to give his mother. He served India and made Kashmir an inalienable part of India. So India should always be grateful to that towering personality,” Yadav remarked during his visit to the residence of Awami National Conference senior vice president in Srinagar.

Sharad Yadav met ANC president Khalida Shah and Muzafar Shah and the trio apart from others discussed the prevailing situation in Kashmir.

He said that he arrived in Kashmir to know about the prevailing situation and to get connected with the common people.

“The situation in Kashmir is grim and it was painful to learn that four youth have been killed here. We must come forward to heal the wounds of people. The situation would get out of control if we don’t take correct measures at the right time, Yadav said.

He said that Armed Forces Special Powers Act should be revoked immediately. Yadav said that AFSPA is the source of disturbance here this draconian law should be repealed.

On this occasion, ANC president, Khalida Shah appealed Sharad Yadav to raise the suffering faced by the people of Kashmir in Indian Parliament. “The situation is turbulent here and people are suffering immensely. Kashmiri’s are being pushed to wall and no one is coming forward to heal their wounds,” she said adding that vested interests are trying to divide the state on religious lines.

Muzafar Shah said that there is a need to understand Kashmir problem in right perspective. “Kashmir issue should be resolved at an earliest. Suppression and oppression have quelled the sentiments of Kashmiri people. The voice of Media is being muzzled and they are not allowed to depict reality,” Shah said.



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