Be Proactive on Disaster Management: NDMA to JK govt

KL Report


With the devastating floods last year hitting Jammu and Kashmir, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Thursday asked state government to be more proactive on disaster management and suggested appointing full-time body for disaster management.

“The Jammu and Kashmir state has to be more proactive. The responsibility to respond to any disaster is with the state government. The state government should appoint full time body for the natural disasters,”NDMA’s Secretary R K Jain told KNS.

He said that though the Chief Minister in a state is head of State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA), but “we suggested that all the states including Jammu and Kashmir to appoint full time disaster management authority.”

“The devastating floods in Jammu and Kashmir were unfortunate. But the people who manage disasters convert this into an opportunity to prepare to deal with disasters in a better way and I hope that there will definitely be lesson for Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.


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