Be Ready for ‘Srinagar Million March’: Geelani tells People



While terming the proposed ‘Srinagar Million March’ as a “historic” occasion, Chairperson Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani appealed “all the pro-freedom people to start preparations from now for making it a success program and come out in large numbers from every village, town and city to send a clear message to the world that the Kashmiri people are still firm on their demand for plebiscite and they want to decide their future through the Scotland type of referendum process”.

He said, “the prime minister of India Narendra Modi can’t buy the freedom demand of the Kashmiri people even if he will announce ten Lakh Crore, instead of one Lakh Crore and Kashmiri people will eat nothing but they will never bow before the atrocities and brutalities of India.”

Geelani, who is under house detention, Friday sent invitation letters to all the top separatist leadership in which they have been invited to take part in the scheduled march.

He said, “New Delhi had come up with many packages for the Jammu & Kashmir till date but all those packages has proven to be lolly-pop and the India had not only did nothing for the people of Kashmir till date but they have instead looted the natural resources of the Jammu & Kashmir with both the hands. Water and electricity is ours but it is used and enjoyed by India.”

He said, “if India will have to pay only for electricity of Kashmir, it will rise trillion dollar bills annually and in comparison to that one lakh crore rupees package is nothing and by this they can’t even pay a one percent of their debt which has accumulated with them and which they are bound to return.” “If India will give us our right to self determination, we will donate 10 lakh crore instead of one lakh crore for its poor and needy people and we will feel pleasure in doing that.”

The octogenarian Hurriyat leader said, “we had not taken any harsh step by announcing the proposed million march but we had adopted purely a democratic way with which we want to show to the world that what the Kashmiris really want and to whom they actually support?”


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