Beef Ban: Malik Calls for Shutdown on Saturday



“Ban imposed on beef by Jammu high court is direct interference in religious affairs of Muslims. These kinds of orders will harm religious harmony in Jammu Kashmir. These new kind of issues are carved only to harm Kashmir issue and implement RSS agenda on Kashmir,” said JKLF Chairperson, Muhammad Yasin Malik in a statement on Thursday evening.

“Muslims of Jammu Kashmir will never accept these politically motivated orders and a stiff resistance will be given to all such acts.”

“Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) appeals Kashmiris to observe a total protest strike against these dictatorial and politically motivated orders on Saturday 12th September 2015,” he said.

“Today’s high court order banning beef is totally a politically motivated order that may have worst implications on the whole Jammu Kashmir,” he added.

He said that Kashmir is a Muslim majority state and issuing any order that hurts the sentiments of majority here will have worst implications. “This order is an eye opener for those who propagate India as being a so-called secular and democratic state. At the behest of RSS, PDP/BJP coalition is carving new issues on daily basis.”

“This is being done to divert attention of people from Jammu Kashmir issue and confuse them. India and its stooges should bear in mind that Kashmiris will safeguard their religious sentiments and norms and also keep striving for their freedom at any cost and these kinds of acts and orders cannot turn us away from our goal,” he said.

Malik said that Muslims only adhere and accept commands of Allah and his Last Messenger (SAW) and any orders against these two sacrosanct scriptures will face a stiff resistance from us.


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