Beef Ban Order by Court Can Change Public Perception about Judiciary: MP Karra



Member Parliament and senior PDP leader Tariq Hamid Karra Tuesday said that the recent decision of High Court to ban beef in the state has the potential to change the public perception about judiciary in the state.

“From past one and half years, the positive role played by judiciary in the public welfare issues like directing government to ensure proper rehabilitation of flood victims and forcing insurance companies to pay insured amount to the people has changed the perception among people about judiciary. But now after the beef ban order by the High Court, judiciary too is being viewed with negative perception,” he told KNS.

“Just one order by the Jammu wing of High Court has the potential to dent the stature of judiciary and people are questioning the credibility of the judicial process,” the PDP MP said.

Karra added that people in the state have lost their trust in the court of law, as they perceive the ruling to ban beef as a direct interference into their religious and culinary affairs.


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