Beef Ban: Protests Rock South Kashmir’s Islamabad



Heavy protests rocked South Kashmir Friday post congregational prayers.

The people were protesting against the high court order about beef and cow slaughtering, reports reaching here said.

Reports said that announcements were made on public addressing systems asking people to come out of their homes to protest alleged beating of people in the area.

“As the Friday prayers ended protesting people raised anti-India and pro-freedom slogans in Islamabad. They pelted rocks on police and Para-military CRPF who used tear smoke shells and batons to disperse the protesters,” the reports added.

“Forces barged into several houses, beat up inmates and damaged properties in Cheeni Chowk, Malak nag and Reshi Bazar areas,” eyewitnesses were quoted as having said. “People are being urged to come out of homes to protest the detention of several youths.”

Several people, including a videographer, were injured in the clashes, witnesses said.


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