Beef Ban: Sacrifice Maximum Beef on Eid, says Shabir Shah



Hurriyat (g) leader, Shabir Shah addressing people in Pulwama on Friday.
Hurriyat (g) leader, Shabir Shah addressing people in Pulwama on Friday.

Hurriyat Conference (g) leader and Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Chairperson, Shabir Ahmad Shah, Friday while terming the unity among resistance leadership of Jammu Kashmir as “good omen for the movement” said only such (unity) step will “guarantee us the success in our mission”.

He appealed separatist leadership to “bury the past differences” and unite for the “greater cause of movement”. “We’re the guardians of sacrifices of our revered martyrs and the need of the hour is to join hands together against our common enemies.”

“The rock like stand and courage of the octogenarian leader, Syed Ali Geelani, is exemplary,” Shah said addressing people in Pulwama. “Despite his poor health and old age, the way Geelani Sahib is leading the movement is noteworthy and worthy to follow. I urge people to support and consolidate the movement with full zeal and vigour.”

He appealed people to stay away from Congress, PDP, NC, BJP and other Unionist parties and “recognize their friends and foes”. “We should not forget the sacrifices of our martyrs and the mission for which they laid their lives,” he said.

Shah on the occasion told people that he time and again tried to meet them but authorities continuously kept him under house arrest.

Expressing strong resentment over the High Court judgment of banning the sale of beef in the state, Shah said, “the order means nothing to us.”

“This order is unacceptable and aimed at hurting the sentiments of Muslims. We strongly condemn such interference in religious affairs by judiciary. Mufti Muhammad Sayeed has no right to head the state as during his reign the Halal is being made Haram, which is totally uncalled for and deserves every condemnation,” Shah said.

Reiterating the State-wide shutdown call on Saturday, Shah said, “we want to make it clear to India and its collaborators that nobody will be allowed to play with the religious affairs of Muslims.”

Shah appealed people to go for maximum beef sacrifices on the occasion of Eid Ul Zuha.


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