Beg’s Response Contrary What CNS Reports: NC

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Media cell of National Conference (NC)  rubbished the news report of local news gathering agency CNS about the Dr Mehboob Beg in which he termed visit of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh as futile

“Dr Mehboob Beg has not spoken anything to which the CNS is referring to but on the contrary he has expressed his gratefulness for the patient hearing and positive response given by the Hon. Prime Minister to all the demands raised by the party in the memorandum,” read the statement.

“A local news Agency quoting Dr Mehboob Beg Hon’ble MP, has issued a release which is bereft of facts, imaginary and pure figment of imagination of the news agency,” statement added.

NC accused CNS of keeping all the journalistic ethics aside by not issuing a corrigendum.

“The attempt of the Media Cell of the National Conference repeatedly requesting CNS to withdraw the false news release, however, keeping all the Journalistic ethics aside they have chosen not to issue a corrigendum and so the need for this rebuttal,” read the statement.

The party said that Dr Mehboob Beg along with a party delegation had a very healthy interaction with the Dr Singh and expressed his gratitude for the very positive response.


  1. I know CNS Editor Neyaz Elahi very well. He is a responsible person who never writes something in air. As for my knowledge goes top NC leaders called him and requested him to make a corrigendum which he bluntly refused. Plz don’t blame CNS but blame these political leaders who change their stand like chameleon. Hats off to CNS for not succumbing to pressure. Its an example of true journalism.


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