Separatists Term PM’s Visit As ‘Futile Exercise’

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Terming the Prime Minister’s Kashmir visit a ‘futile ‘exercise, separatist leaders Tuesday said that the Government of India was never serious in resolving the Kashmir issue. The factions of Huriyat Conference, JKLF and Democratic Freedom Party have alleged that Prime Minister’s Kashmir visits was just a gimmick.

“Kashmir was neither an economic problem nor was it an issue related to good or bad governance. Kashmir issue is a historical reality and VIP visits to Kashmir or construction activities cannot resolve it,” said Geelani in a statement.

“The people of Jammu and Kashmir are committed to the ongoing freedom movement and won’t give up their struggle despite all the oppressive measures,” he said, suggesting to the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to read the writing on wall and fulfill the commitment on the resolution of Kashmir issue.

“In principle we are not against negotiations. However, government of India in order to delay the issue and for just fun is trying to mislead the international community. Till now the issue was discussed 150 times but no results were yielded. It is all because of the stubbornness of approach of government of India that no progress was achieved nor there seems to be any improvement in the prevailing uncertain situation in Kashmir”, said Geelani.

Hurriyat Conference (M) has also termed the PM’s visit as a total failure. ‘Terming the recent visit of Indian prime minister to Kashmir as absolute failure, APHC has said that the complete shutdown to protest his visit in the length and breadth of Kashmir should serve as an eye opener for the Indian premier and his other political leadership”, Hurriyat spokesman said in a statement. The spokesman added that the visit of Indian prime minister could have turned fruitful if he would have announced some bold steps to solve the Kashmir issue. However, APHC said that it was highly unfortunate that the Indian government continued with its traditional policy of obduracy and unrealistic politics. APHC said that that it was aptly expressed by the Indian leadership by just inaugurating a rail line and a hydroelectric power project, but not speaking a word to resolve the Kashmir issue.

The APHC spokesman said that the visit of Indian Prime Minister has rubbed salt on the wounds of Kashmiris by ignoring to talk about Kashmir issue to alleviate their suffering. APHC said the Kashmiris have expressed their regret and have been highly disappointed with the politics played by the Indian leadership which is contrary to the ground realities and their political aspirations. APHC said that

Indian leadership was living in utopia by treating Kashmir issue as just an economic issue. APHC said the resolution of Kashmir issue was extremely significant in the given political circumstances to bring lasting peace in Kashmir and in the sub continent as a whole.

The spokesman said that India should stop looking Kashmir as a economic or administrative problem, but should see it in the context of regional peace. He stressed that it should emulate the politics based on reality to address the K issue.

The spokesman said that Indian leadership should know before the visit that they were travelling to a place recognized as an international dispute by the world community. He said since 1947, doling out of economic packages had not changed its disputed political status. He said Kashmiris have shown their absolute association with freedom struggle by observing strike on the visit of Indian prime minister. JKLF Chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik said that the nobody was hoping of a breakthrough from the visit and insisted that for the resolution of the issue, GOI has to be serious. He added that putting separatist leaders under house arrest during the visit was itself an example of non seriousness of GOI to address the issue.

Meanwhile Democratic Freedom Party Chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah termed the visit as a ‘useless’ exercise and said that kashmiris should be given the right of self determination.

“Such kind of visits don’t yield anything and nobody should take it serious. Unless you give kashmiris the right to self determination which they have been promised issue won’t get resolved.” Shah told KNS.


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