NC’s Kamal Congratulate People For Observing Shutdown

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Terming the visit of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh as ‘successful’, National Conference (NC) Wednesday said Jammu and Kashmir is a political issue and needs to be solved politically.

NC Additional General Secretary, Dr Mustafa Kamal while congratulating people of valley for observing shutdown during the Prime Minister’s visit said people of the state observed the shutdown spontaneously to express their anger against New Delhi.

“Separatists are thanking people for observing strike during the PM’s visit but people of the valley did not observe strike on their call but as their own mark of protest against New Delhi for not fulfilling its promises. “Restoration of autonomy is one of the main promises which New Delhi should immediately fulfill apart from all other promises with the people of the state”, Kamal said while talking to KNS.

He said the strike observed by people was no ‘referendum’ as portrayed by the separatists.

“People have shown anger towards Delhi on their own. Hurriyat people are cashing in on this. I congratulate People of Kashmir for showing their anger towards Delhi. They have given Delhi a signal that there are matters which they are not addressing of which autonomy is one issue”, he said.

On the issue of PM’s invitation to separatists for talks, Kamal said: “PM has invited them in the past and said his doors are open for dialogue. He could not have gone their doors asking them for talks”.

He however said that Delhi should restore internal autonomy apart from ensuring that article 370 is safeguarded. “Delhi is backing away from its word on restoring eroded autonomy”

The NC stalwart said the Government of India should address the issue of Jammu and Kashmir after taking all parties including Pakistan on board.

“Jammu and Kashmir is a Political issue and should be resolved politically. Along with economic package the Prime Minister should announce a political package also. Pakistan should also be taken on board while arriving at a solution to the issue for lasting peace to be established in the region”, Kamal added.

Terming LoC as a temporary line, the NC leader called upon Delhi to win hearts and minds of people in the state. “The LoC should be made line of cooperation as it is a human issue and without Pakistan’s inclusion, there cannot be any solution”, he said and added that Delhi should show magnanimity while resolving the issue.

He said Kashmiris were suffering as both India and Pakistan are trying to score points over each other in the state’s territory.


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