Beig’s Revelations Expose PDP-BJP Hidden Alliance: Er Rashid

KL Report


MLA Langate and AIP chief Er Rashid Sunday said that Peoples Democratic Party stands exposed for its ‘unholy and unnatural alliance’ with BJP and Muzaffar Beigh’s ‘childish’ statement alleging Syed Sallahudin and others is nothing but an ‘act of imp easement to make his masters ruling in New Delhi happy.’

While addressing a gathering at Qalamabad Handwara ye claimed that PDP is sending clear signals to BJP that it can have an alliance with them even if it may have to be fool its people ten times a day. “The people of Kashmir need to shun their emotions for a while and introspect themselves before casting votes in upcoming elections. Although it makes a very little difference who rules the state as the political leadership of J&K is far away from the seriousness to provide good governance to people, the way PDP has stressed for early elections is ample proof that they want power at all costs,” the AIP chief said.

“One may have serious difference with Syed Salahudin and his colleagues but let Mr Beigh realize that Kashmiris have taken up arms after India failed them time and again both at international forms and in bilateral agreements. Calling Sallahudin an ISI agent is totally unfair as he is son of the soil and has not migrated to Pakistan to get power or privileges,” Rashid added.

The MLA Langate said the Shimla and Tashkent agreements about which India is talking much have not been able to make India and Pakistan move even an inch towards the resolution of Kashmir issue and Kashmiris have felt completely let down. He also criticised Omar Abdullah for not making any progress during his tenure to motivate New Delhi for an honourable solution to Kashmir issue and alleged that Omar failed to take tough stand against New Delhi on various issues including AFSPA and package for flood hit victims. The AIP chief asked those Indian leaders and TV anchors who leave no opportunity to question political wisdom of Kashmiris to explain that how come do lakhs of Indians welcome convicted Jaya Lalita knowing that she has looted the property of the country.


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